154 kV Breaker Maintenances and Tests
154 kV Disconnector Maintenances and Tests
154 kV Surge Arrestor Maintenances and Tests
HV Protection Relay Tests
154 kV Current transformer tests
154 kV Voltage transformer tests
Switchyard Busbar conductivity tightness
Oil-type Transformer maintenance and tests
On-load Tap Changer General
Maintenance and Tests
Furan Analyzes
Corrosive Sulphide Analyzes (Cu2S)
36kV MV Board Maintenances and Tests
MV Breaker Maintenances and Tests
Cell Maintenance
MV Current transformer tests
MV Voltage transformer tests
MV Over-Current Protection Relay Tests
MV Cabling inspections
Aerial lines inspections
Low Voltage Distribution Board, DC board and LV cabling maintenance
Test and maintenance of compensation board
Battery Maintenances
Measurement with Thermal Camera
Neutral Resistance Tests
Automation, SCADA, Synchronization and communication equipment
Valve, Governor, Excitation and Heat
Inspection of Boards
Unscheduled Maintenances
Relay coordination works
Reactive power recording system