We develop solutions to technical and commercial issues by providing necessary improvements starting at draft plans. In addition, we draw up contract documentation and ensure the management of the high quality, lower cost and procurement processes in line with their project plans. As number of the power plants increases, the processes becomes increasingly complex due to the legislative amendments with respect to the necessary permissions.

With our project ownership approach, we closely follow up the permission procedures as we are aware of the difficulties and losses caused by delayed investments even for one day.

We handle meticulously the permission procedures with regard to power plants, transmission and distribution lines.

Project development
Preparation of draft projects
Determination of project requirements
Selection of technology
Preparation of initial and final projects and management of their approval processes
Preparation of contract documentation
Evaluation of the offers and preparation of benchmarking charts
Participation in the contract negotiations
Collection and analysis of the wind data
Drafting the Micrositing&Bankable Report
Carrying out project design, engineering calculations for power plants, factories and industrial facilities
Planning the field settings and access roads, as a basis of zoning plan
Management of the zoning permission and forest permission processes
Following up expropriation procedures
Preparation of the documents required by authorized bodies and obtaining necessary approvals
Drawing up plans and profiles of transmission and distribution lines
Determination of current states of the facilities and preparation of as-built projects
Drafting the assembly reports of wind measurement posts
Designing the shop drawings of machineries and equipment
Preparation of detail projects