Our Activities

Wind Power Plants

RECONS offers investors, banks a wide-ranging network of consultants, engineers and technical personnel, each of whom has the highest qualifications in the every fields of wind power. By closely following up the legislative changes, we determine the necessary preventive and regulatory actions and provide necessary information. We assist as an Owner's Engineer at the very beginning from project development phase until the commissioning of a wind farm. We assist our clients in all technical and commercial aspects from conceiving a project development idea until commissioning of a wind farm.

Solar Power Plants

We carry out all works starting from project development phase, calculating the feasibilities, following up equipment assemblies, drawing up contract documentation, selecting technology, auditing the farm, conducting acceptance tests. We assist our clients in Owner's engineering by providing consultancy services. Likewise, we offer loan institutions a complete range of services for all project phases.

Hydroelectric Power Plants

We offer hydroelectric power plants breakdown and maintenance services with fair prices and short response times. In this respect, we lower your operational costs thanks to locally manufactured mechanical spare parts, provide high quality service and improve availability of your power plant. Also, we offer our suggestion for necessary rehabilitation by finding out the causes of low generation values with the reports following on-site inspections in the hydroelectric power plants.

Industrial Applications

For factories and industrial facilities, we offer project services for the machineries, equipment and spare parts that are needed during establishment or rehabilitation process as per requirements of the facilities as well as procurement and manufacturing processes of them. Thanks to locally manufactured equipment, we lower your investment costs as well as lead times, contributing in longer availability times.