About Us

For countries, energy generation and local production means employment, growth and improved quality of life. Recons Energy Consultancy and Technical Services reinforced its industrial positioning by assuming the responsibility of directly contributing in the sound industrial development and local economy, also thanks to the supportive policies of the economies. Recons aims at being a trusted business partner at the global quality and standards in order to attain a mutual advantage by having a deep insight about demands of the investors in the market conditions, as well as rationally consuming all the resources and avoiding extravagance.

Searching for finding the answer to the question "how to do it in the best manner" across all its services, Recons also uses all its efforts to distinguish itself in terms of working style and ensure his personnel to do the same. The primary principle of Recons is to act fairly, in a good faith and insightfully in all its relations, abide by the laws and code of ethics and to do its works without damaging human and environment. Its collaborations with the leading companies, both globally and locally, as part of its efforts to serve at the highest standards, allowed Recons to have a wide-ranging and professional infrastructure.